Real Estate Litigation

Real estate transactions and development are happening all the time, and South Florida is no exception. Whether in suburban housing or urban development, the rules of real estate are set out by state laws that bind each party. As a qualified property attorney, David C. Levine is experienced in negotiating real estate litigation.

Real estate litigation often stems from contract disputes. Having attorneys present at the outset when creating a contract can prevent costly delays later on. However, this may not prevent problems from arising after the contract has been signed. You may believe that the terms you agreed to have not been fulfilled, or that the language used doesn’t say what the other party thinks it does. In these situations our firm can offer clear interpretations of the language in question and assist in helping you receive what you have been guaranteed.

There is more to real estate than just contracts; construction is a major undertaking that can result in serious disagreements. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your contractor’s work, have paid up front for work that has not been carried out, or are a contractor whose client is demanding additional work for no additional fee, the Law Offices of David C. Levine, P.A. are prepared to represent you.