About Us

Since 2007, the Law Firm of David C. Levine, P.A., has striven to represent people injured, wronged, or faced with litigation to save or protect their property or homes. The legal process is complicated, and property owners & innocent injured people need an experienced advocate to fight for their rights and help them navigate through the legal system so that they have the greatest chance possible to achieve their goal. Thus, no matter if you’ve been injured as a result of someone else negligence or sued by a bank for foreclosure your chances of achieving the best possible result are dramatically increased by retaining an attorney whom is personally vested in helping you achieve your goals.

By law, upon being served with a lawsuit a homeowner has twenty (20) days to file a response or a default may be entered against you without potentially preventing you from being able to argue your case and defenses before a judge or jury. Thus, it is important to gather up all of your paperwork and make an appointmentwith attorney to review your case and file a proper response before a default is entered. The key is finding an attorney whom you can speak with directly and whom knows how the court’s foreclosure system works and how to communicate with the banks. The Law Offices of David C. Levine, P.A. helps you form a strategy to protect your interest and achieve your goals. This is accomplished through years of experience helping ordinary people understand how the various laws such as the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 and the Florida Hardest Hit Program, can help homeowners hold onto their homes when there is mortgage trouble; and working with the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the group responsible for overseeing mortgage market giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

David C. Levine, P.A. is experienced & enjoys representing clients in a number of areas of law such as: