Mission Statement

The Law Firm of David C. Levine, P.A. is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services available to all of our clients. When we undertake to represent a client we confront every issue presented with professional tenacity by designing a plan for achieving their legal and financial goals.
This is achieved for both our business and individual clients through a four (4) step process:

  1. First, we will meet and/or conference with you as many times as is necessary in order to learn what your goals are and to understand what all of your specific legal issues are so that we can properly evaluate all of the risk variables associated with your particular case.
  2. Second, we will analyze, evaluate, and counsel you on the law as it relates to your specific case, thereby providing you with a means for making an educated decision about how to facilitate achieving & protecting your best financial interests and legal goals.
  3. Third, we will work with you to formulate a strategic plan to achieve & protect your best financial interests and legal goals.
  4. Fourth, we will aggressively execute the plan that we’ve formulated in order to achieve & protect your best financial interests and legal goals.